[ART] Middle Eastern War

Join us among the fantastic red rocks of Southern Utah as we celebrate the Medieval Middle East.

The Site is Kane Springs Campground, along the beautiful Colorado River. 1705 S. Kane Creek Blvd. Moab, Utah 84532.

Directions: Travel to Moab, Utah. Follow Main Street (Route 191) and turn West at Kane Creek Blvd (Between Burger King and McDonalds), and follow the road for five miles, arriving at Kane Springs Campground.

Activities include Heavy Armored Melees, Rapier Melees, and Tournaments. There will also be an Arts and Sciences Competition, and A&S Classes, as well as numerous Kids' Activities throughout the day, and as the Sun sets, an evening of Dancing and Drumming will fill the desert air.

Site Fees are $15 for the weekend and $10 for a day trip. Participants under 15 years of age will be charged half price. Children 5 and under will be guests of the Province. There will be a $40 family cap on these fees. $3 non-member surcharges apply. Make checks payable to The Province of Arrows' Flight, SCA. Inc.

Merchants are Welcome! For more information contact Oriana de Javier at southernswords at gmail.com.

Autocrats: Oriana and Ramon de Javier