Letters and papers of Henry VIII online

British History Online has posted the letters and papers of Henry VIII from the beginning of the king's reign in 1509 until January 1547. The website includes daily journal and calendar entries.

A sample of the types of entries:

September 1546, 21-25

21 Sept.
139. Van der Delft to Mary of Hungary.

Calendar, viii., No. 325.
Has just received hers of the 14th, but cannot detain this courier until they are deciphered. Wrote that he intended going to the King; and was ready to go when told secretly that the King was very ill, and the physicians gave little hope of his recovery. Hearing now that the King is convalescent, will prepare to go to Court as soon as he has read her letters. It is rumored that the French have demolished the fort they began to build near Boulogne harbour. Heard previously that the King of France sent answer to this King that he wished to maintain friendship and would refer the point at issue to commissioners; but the French continued the construction. Hertford has since left here. London, 21 Sept. 1546.