Website maps Indo-European languages

Those interested in the evolution of languages will want to visit The University of Texas at Austin's Linguistics Research Center's website, where they may view extensive research on the evolution of Indo-European languages. The site includes timelines and maps to help understand the development of a number of languages.

Language families included on the site:

  • Anaolian
  • Armenian
  • Balkan
  • Balto-Slavic
  • Celtic
  • Germanic
  • Hellenic
  • Indo-Iranian
  • Italic
  • Tocharian

From the website:

Each table that follows presents a highly schematic sketch of the evolutionary paths leading from the family ancestor to later, attested languages -- up to the present time, in the case of families that did not entirely die out. (Anatolian and Tocharian are the only known families that are now extinct.) By highly schematic we mean, for example, that dates are very approximate: we adopt, for sheer presentation convenience, quite arbitrary ranges of 500 or 1000 years that have little to do with accurate dates even when these might be known, which is seldom. What is important is that the general picture is instructive; for details the reader is referred to the vast literature of historical linguistics, now well over 200 years in the making and brimming with hypotheses, supporting arguments, and disagreements major & minor.