Sternfeld's Baron Receives Surprise Elevation to Pelicanate

Torquil MacGillavrey, Baron of Sternfeld, was placed on vigil for entrance to the Order of the Pelican at morning court on April 4 at the Grand Tournament of the Unicorn in the Middle Kingdom. He served his vigil that day and was elevated the same evening.

Baron Torquil had risen to sing backup for Master John Inchingham, O.L., O.P., whose protégé he was, in a Robin Hood Rap requested by Their Majesties. He appeared extremely surprised when the song ended and Master John begged the boon of his elevation.

Baron Torquil’s services include running events and creating feasts, as well as extensive service in the Midrealm rapier community, where he is a member of the Company of the Bronze Ring. He is also skilled in late period costume and is a singer apprenticed to Master John ap Wynne. He and his lady wife, Baroness Moira MacGillavrey, also a member of the Order of the Pelican, became Baron and Baroness Sternfeld last summer at Simple Day.