Volunteers Scramble to Aid SCAdian Families Left Homeless by California Fires

At least two SCA families have been left homeless by recent wildfires in California. Volunteers have set up YahooGroups mailing list and a local team to coordinate relief efforts. "CaidAssist" is a YahooGroups listserve created to help coordinate efforts to aid SCAdians left homless by recent California wildfires.

Lady Samantha D'Hiver, one of the organizers of the assistance team, talked with SCAtoday.net about the damage so far. "At this time we know of two SCAdian families who have lost their homes," she says. "Many more are still in areas with active fires, and we're waiting (and hoping) no one else will be affected. We're also collecting aid for folks near fellow SCAdians who also need help. We won't know the sum of the damage until all of the fires are out, but we're hoping no one else will lose homes or businesses."

Samantha says there are a variety of efforts underway to help: "At this time we're collecting information on who needs assistance, who has material or financial aid to offer, and we'll be coordinating the two once the immediate danger has passed. Folks are offering crash space and help in evacuating to those near the fire lines, and everyone is doing a lot of praying!"

Key team members include: