Drachenwald Spring 2009 Crown Tournament Combatants

Their Majesties Marcus and Cecilia of the Kingdom of Drachenwald have announced the list of Combatants for Their upcoming Spring 2009 Crown Tournament.

Their Majesties write:

Unto the Lords and Ladies of Drachenwald do We, King Marcus and Queen Cecilia send the following tidings; Unless anything unforeseen should occur We would like to introduce the participants in Our spring Crown Tourney. They are as follow below and in no particular order:
  • Sir Vitus Polonius, fighting for Meisterinne Eleanora von Ratzeburg
  • THL Barobrand Hissgant fighting for Frau Odindisa Bragisdottir
  • Sir Gerhardt von Wüstenburg fighting for Judith de Northumbria
  • Lord Robert of Canterbury fighting for Lady Genevieve la Flechiere
  • Lord Jakob Winkelmann von Söhren fighting for Lady Gunnhild von Brunswiek
  • Lord Lutr Rückständewerfer fighting for Lady Siubhan
  • Baron Clancy Fairchild fighting for Baroness Ursula Sturladatter

We wish all participants Good Luck and look forward to see a day of hard and chivalrous battle!

Marcus & Cecilia
Rex and Regina