Last chance to see the Mary Rose

This summer, the salvaged remnants of the Mary Rose, the 16th century Tudor warship, will go into a sealed chamber in preparation for a newly-designed museum. The current display, "a spooky monument and a time machine," is housed at Portsmouth's historic dockyard.

In an article for the Guardian, art critic Jonathan Jones blogs with nostalgia about the old museum:

Eeriest of all is the ship itself. Currently displayed behind a long wall of glass, in a chamber whose lighting varies but is never very bright, the dark wooden ruin is sprayed perpetually with water to preserve its timbers. As your eyes get accustomed to the gloom and learn to recognise what they are seeing – one entire half of the ship, cut through in cross-section by the sea to reveal its entire structure of decks and gun ports from the rear castle to the hold – it takes on the power of a great broken sculpture, a vast relic that you can't get out of your mind.

I agree! It was a deeply

I agree! It was a deeply affecting sight. And there is much to be learned at the shipyard. Anyone who has the opportunity to visit before the shutdown should grab the chance.

I have been lucky enough in

I have been lucky enough in my life to see the Mary Rose. It was a fantastic display of medieval history and modern technology!