[ATL] Defending the Gate VIII

The year is 1485. Rumors have begun spreading through the taverns and villages that Henry Tudor is gathering an army to confront Richard Plantagenet and take the English throne. And while some would love to follow a Welshman to a battle in England, there are others who are wondering if it is time to resuscitate Owain Glyndwr's dream of a free Wales . . .

It is spring, and the time for alliances to be made. Behind the pageantry and games of tournaments captains are sizing up their men and seeing if they are battle ready, and mercenaries are wondering who will pay the best for their services.

Site: Izaak Walton League, 12400 Herndon Road, Spotsylvania, VA 22553. The site is dry. Pets are not permitted. Please note: this is a new site from last year.

Site opens at 10 am and closes 10 pm.

Art and Sciences:
There is no better time or place to display the products of your hard work than the Defending the Gate A&S competition! This year's competition will have four classes: Youth, Beginner, Advanced and Peoples' Choice. The winner of each class will be awarded a prize, and of course those winners' honors will contribute to the overall victory of their team at the event; make sure your team has some skilled artisans so as not to miss out!

The Peoples' Choice competition will be judged by a ballot-type vote of the populace, so make sure all your companions visit the competition to make their choice known!. The winners of the other three classes will be determined by a panel of judges in the following seven categories: Documentation, Authenticity, Difficulty, Workmanship, Creativity, Judge's Discretion and Relevance to Theme. This year's theme is 15th century Welsh; your submissions don't have to be from this time period and culture, but you will get extra credit if they are!

If you have any questions, please contact Khan Otel Altunat - (otel@cox.net).

In order to celebrate the alliances that strengthen us all, all competitions will be for teams, not individuals. In addition, there are "Alliance Points" that can be won by competitors. The Barony, Shire, Canton, Guild, Household, or another group that wins the most "Alliance Points" will be declared Sudentorre's nearest and dearest ally.

Marshall in Charge: Baron Turgeis Hakonsson - Turgeis_Hakonsson@verizon.net
Heavy Marshall - Sir Richard Girven -- girvers16@hotmail.com
Rapier Marshall -- Lord Dante di Pietro -- dante_di_pietro@yahoo.com.
Archery Marshall -- Lord Valgard av Mors -- Fnfal1a1@cox.net
Thrown Weapons Marshal -- Achmed ibn Yousef - nmbrian@aol.com

Classes: Space available for onsite classes. If you would like to teach a class, contact Countess Rowan (gerkeeper@mac.com) to arrange time.

Lunch Menu: Lady Aelfwynn of Whitby will be providing lunch. Please contact her with any dietary concerns (mcdanielm at si.edu).

Feast Auction: Servers from the Renaissance Club of Mary Washington University will once again be auctioned off in a traditional style. If no service is purchased for your table, service will be at your own risk. This is the main fundraiser for this student group. Please help support them!

Feast: An evening feast will be held, but is limited to 80 seats. Please pre-register as noted below to ensure a seat will be available for you. Please contact the head cook, Lady Elizabeth of Hadley Hall with any dietary concerns (webminister@sudentorre.atlantia.sca.org).

Fees: Member Non-Mbr Child (7-17)
Site Fee $8 $11 $5
Feast $8 $ 8 $8
Children 6 and under are guests of the Canton.
Feast spots are charged at full price, regardless of age or any other reason.

Reservations: Lord Siegfried McClure (seneschal@sudentorre.atlantia.sca.org)
Make checks payable to "SCA/Canton of Sudentorre." The only reservation is a paid reservation!

Merchants welcomed!! Contact the Autocrat

Autocrat: Baroness Cairistiona de Coveran (garadh@verizon.net)