[CAI] Potrero War

The Barony of Calafia wishes to cordially extend an invitation to the entirety of the Knowne World to join us once again for a weekend of fighting, frolicking, and revelry in the shade of the beautiful oak trees of Potrero Park.

Pre-Registration is open! For any questions concerning Pre-registration please e-mail Lady Medb ingen Mathgamna at prereg@potrerowar.org

Potrero County Park
24800 Potrero Park Drive
Potrero, CA 91963


From the North or West (coastal California)
Freeways 5 and 15 can be used to enter San Diego County from the north, both of which will allow you to get on the 805 freeway south. Freeway 805 splits off from freeway 5 in the La Jolla area, and 805 crosses over freeway 15 allowing easy transition just before the interchange with highway 94, the eastbound freeway that leads to the park. (Get on the 805 and just stay in the right lane)

Head east on highway 94 for a few miles and take the right hand offramp to stay on Hwy 94 when the roadway you are traveling becomes the 125 freeway. (If you find yourself approaching freeway 8 you missed the exit for the 94) Highway 94 east will wind down to a 4-lane road and will become more residential.

At the Jamacha junction (major intersection with stoplights) turn right onto Campo Rd. You will be on this road for 26 miles, passing the Tecate turnoff at the 24 mile mark, and than 2 miles more to the turn for Potrero Valley Road.

Turn left onto Potrero Valley Road for a half mile, than right on Potrero Park Rd.

** Please note - The businesses at the intersection of Hwy 94 and Campo Rd. are the last major stores for acquiring food or supplies. There are small rural stores in the area of the park for immediate needs.

From the East
From fwy 8 west take the Buckman Springs offramp, turning left at the stopsign at the end of the ramp. Continue going straight on Buckman Springs Rd. for 10 miles.

Turn right onto Campo Road (at Cameron Corners) and go 10 miles. Turn right on Potrero Valley Rd, for a half mile, then right on Potrero Park Rd.