[EAS] Twa Corbies Tavern

The Twa Corbies Tavern is an SCA event that recreates a little (alas, we are not Le Poulet Gauche) of the flavour and feel of a period tavern. Food and drink will be available for sale instead of served as a dayboard or feast. Performers will attempt to entertain you in return for your applause and, if you're generous, some additional token of appreciation. There will be both a common room for the general populace and for entertainment, and a room for more dedicated and quiet activity.

First Church of Christ, Congregational
25 The Great Road
Bedford, MA 01730

From 95/128, take exit 31B for Rt. 4N/225W to Bedford, which will take you along Great Road. The church is a white frame structure on the left. Parking is available in town lots just behind the church. Turn off Great Road onto Mudge Way (first left past the church if taking Rt. 4N/225W), then take the first left onto School Way.

There is a menu! The Tavern's Menu
Food will be served from 2 pm till 8 pm, with more substantial foods available during the later part of that time. As with any tavern, there is the chance that we will run out of specific items, but there should still be enough for all to eat most heartily and for a very reasonable cost. If you wish to be sure of feeding your household, you may order food in larger quantities ahead of time by sending the request, with sufficient monies, posted by March 10th.

The tavern provides its own silverware, bowls, platters, and cups for serving its patrons, but if you wish to bring your own gear, this is allowed. (Though the tavern staff will not clean it for you! So be prepared to carry your dishes away uncleaned.) There may be a need for additional serving staff or kitchen staff on the day, with suitable wages if so. People may apply on arrival, or, even better, arrange for shifts ahead of time by contacting the tavern.

Entertainers of all sorts are welcome! Most importantly, those who wish, and who can comply with the Baronial Champion's Agreement are very welcome to put in their names for consideration by his Excellency, Jehan du Lac, Baron of Carolingia, for appointment as his new favored court performer. Such honour is rare, offered but once a year, and to be greatly valued! The current favored skald has announced the following:

"The competition is open to performers in all sorts of arts: music vocal or instrumental, dance, storytelling, drama, recitation, and others I can't even think of at the moment. But many artists of all sorts need a prompt, a suggestion as to what sort of piece to perform. As the Baron's Skald, the current holder of the honor, I have come up with a Theme.

The competition will take place on March 21, the cusp of the seasons, as Winter turns to Spring. So I invite entries on the theme of A Change of Seasons: Spring, or Winter, or any other season you like. Entries don't have to be on this theme, of course: by all means, whatever inspires you to stand up and perform."

(If you have questions about the competition or about scheduling times for other performances, please send them to: tavern@dragonbear.com .)

Other Activities
Gaming, cards, dancing, music, song! Merchants will also be most welcome! (It is appreciated if they contact the tavern ahead of time: tavern@dragonbear.com )

Children accompanied by their parent (or a designated nursemaid or manservant) are welcome in the common and gaming rooms of the tavern and some games and activities may be found suitable for them. Children are NOT allowed in the lower level without active and immediate adult supervision. (The church has had problems with Sunday school materials becoming misplaced and/or damaged.)

Children of reasonable age and intelligence may ask for temporary employment as tavern staff. Staff

Please feel free to express your appreciation of the wait-staff and the wandering entertainers by tips, though these are in no sense required. If you, yourself, would like to join the staff, applying to the tavern owner ahead of time is preferable to asking at the door but there is always work to be done and your help would likely be appreciated in thanks, or in kind.

All contact with the tavern may be sent to: tavern@dragonbear.com It will be re-directed to the appropriate staff person.