Santa Clara University showcases medieval garden

In honor of its namesake St. Clare of Assisi, Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California has created a medieval garden dedicated to the saint who was "was often compared to a plant or garden." The university's website includes a great deal of information on medieval gardens.

Among the website pages for the medieval garden at Santa Clara are several on the history of medieval gardens and one with a layout of the university's garden.

From the website:

A garden commemorating St. Clare is especially appropriate at her namesake mission and university. This garden brings Clare’s legacy to life for visitors and the university community. Viewers gain an understanding of the medieval symbolism of plants and herbs. They will also learn about the plants commonly grown in convent gardens and hence the way of life of the ‘Poor Clares,’ the religious community founded by St. Clare that practiced strict poverty in the tradition of Francis himself. Most importantly, visitors learn how the spirituality of St. Clare resonates today, as they watch with her in the Garden of Gethsemane, marvel at her favorite flowers as the beautiful creations of God, and consider the impact of her life upon the world, this “little plant” of the “little poor man” of Assisi.