[MID] Bardic Roundhouse

The Barony of the Cleftlands presents an open gathering of the bardic community to share and learn.

June 26-28, 2009 The Bardic Roundhouse is a gathering of the growing bardic community in northern Oaken and of our neighbors and friends: bards, aspiring bards, and those who just enjoy listening. We'll sing and play and tell tales together, camp and eat together, and exchange a little knowledge. We are keeping the cost low (and inclusive of meals) for this get-together in a lovely rural setting.

Activities will include bardic circles, classes, roundtable discussions, and a bardic coffeehouse for jamming, tech-talk and gossip. Pre-registration is strongly recommended. This isn't Cooper's Lake. Space is somewhat limited.

Minion Acres
(The country estate of Lady Juliane Bechaumpe) in the Shire of Eastwatch,
12842 GAR Highway (Route 6)
Chardon, Ohio 44024

Site open from 5pm Friday to noon Sunday.
Troll open throughout except midnight to 8am

The event activities and meals are outdoors, under cover. Camping is available - please see registration page. Portable firebowls only. (There is an in-ground firepit for the bardic circles.) Indoor and outdoor garderobes are available. (The indoor privies are not handicapped accessible. The outdoor privies are.) Bring your own towels and toiletries, and sun-shower if desired. (This IS a summer camping event.) Bring camp chairs, ice and beverages for yourself, desserts to share (please?). The site is wet. Please be responsible. (There are neighbors.) No pets, please. (There are horses.)

Minion Acres
The country estate of Lady Juliane Bechaumpe
12842 GAR Highway
Chardon, Ohio 44024

Like many locations in northern Oaken (Northeast Ohio), the site is easy to find if you've been there before. If not.... pay close attention to the directions. Minion Acres is located 10 minutes south of I-90, 20 minutes east of I-271, in Eastwatch, Middle Kingdom, at 12842 GAR Highway (aka Grand Army of the Republic Highway, aka State Route 6) Chardon, Ohio 44024

From all points North - I-90 to Route 44 Exit at Route 44 (exit 200) and head South (left from both directions) Go south about 7 miles until you reach Chardon town square. Continue straight as Route 44 becomes Route 6 East. Go about 1.3 miles. Minion Acres is on the left as you reach the top of the first hill.

From the West and Southwest - I-271 to Wilson Mills NOTE: The route below seems to be the quickest and most direct. Online map sites may suggest alternatives. (Apparently they think Wilson Mills is a dirt road.) The Mayfield Road exit from I-271 can be a particularly disastrous choice, as the intersection is under construction in perpetuity. Look at the maps; it's not as complicated as it sounds. Exit at Wilson Mills Boulevard (exit 36) and head east (right, if you're coming from the south; left if from the north). Go east about 14 miles until you reach Route 6 East (Water Street) in Chardon. (At River Road, about halfway, you will jog right, then left, to stay on Wilson Mills.) Turn right on Route 6. Go .4 miles until you reach Chardon town square. Continue to the east edge of the square., about .1 miles Turn left (i.e., follow Route 6 East), go to the north edge of the square, about .1 miles Turn right at the north edge of the square (i.e., continue to follow Route 6 East; North Hambden Street) Go about 1.3 miles. Minion Acres is on the left as you reach the top of the first hill.

From the East - Route 6 towards Chardon Take Route 6 towards Chardon. Minion Acres is on the right, about two miles past Hambden (junction of Route 6 with Route 608 or Route 166). If you reach Chardon, you missed it. Go around the square and go back the way you came about 1.3 miles.

From the South - Route 44 to Chardon Go to the Chardon town square, turn right and then left to go around the square, then turn right, following Route 6 East. Go about 1.3 miles. Minion Acres is on the left as you reach the top of the first hill.