[ATL] Sapphire Joust X

Come and journey to Caer Mear for Sapphire Joust X!

As in years past, this promises to be an event that's not to be missed. We promise a fun-filled weekend of heavy and rapier fighting, youth rapier and heavy fighting, archery and thrown weapons as well as a wide variety of Arts and Sciences.

Heavy Fighting will include a number of tournaments including the Sapphire Tournament, a Tournament of Chivalry, A Novice Tournament, an Order of the Kraken tournament, a St. Aiden Heraldic Display Team Tournament and a Rose Tournament. These tournaments all promise to be exciting to watch and the participation should be something of which legends are made. We will also have a ravine battle for those who need a little more fighting "love.

Rapier Fighting will include the Sapphire Tournament as well as a Ravine and Woods Battle.

Arts and Sciences will have three tents. One will be for competitions and displays; one for classes and one for artisans to gather under to meet other artisans. The competitions will be the Best use of Sapphire Gem, and Best Interpretation of the Baronial Order Medallions (all medallions will be given to their Excellencies of Caer Mear to use at their discretion). There will be an open display for one wishing to show their current works in progress as well as any other projects they may want to display. Classes will be held during the weekend. Those interested in teaching should contact the A&S coordinator. She will be producing a list of classes and will be accepting registrations once the list has been compiled. The A&S gathering tent is for those who would like to come and meet other artisans. You may bring a project, but you are not required to stay for the day. You may come and go as you see fit.

Archery: There will be a Sapphire Prize archery shoot.

Children's Activity: We will have a Children's Activity from 2-4 PM on Saturday. Children who attend must attend with a parent. Children should not be left unattended at any time during the activity.

Sapphire Joust X
May 22-25, 2009
Tom Scott Park
8740 Otterburn Road
Amelia, VA

Maymunah al Siqilliyah

Field Space:
Field space is very limited and will be limited to those who have preregistered for the event.

Camp Registrations:
When you mail in your prereg form with your camp name listed, it will be added to a master list of encampments and anyone else who preregs with the same camp name will be included in the encampment.

Site Restrictions:
Pets are not permitted. Firepits are permitted provided they are completely turfed at the end of the event. Portable fire bowls are also permitted. Alcohol is permitted.

From East – Best route to Route 288. Go West on 360 (towards Amelia). Turn left on Business Route 360 East ( Goodies Bridge Rd ). There will be an International Truck store on right. (Note – it will be about ½ hour drive to Amelia from 288).

** Turn Right on Otterburn Rd (Rt 614). Go ½ mile to stop sign. Go straight (becomes Route 38) for ½ mile. Tom Scott Park will be on the right.

From West – Best route to 360 East. Turn right on Business Route 360 East ( Goodies Bridge Rd ). There will be an International Truck store on left. ** See above.