[ATE] Practicum of the Sword III

Barony of Starkhafn School of Defence is proud to present: Practicum of the Sword III March 28 & 29, 2009 * Las Vegas, Nevada *

Saturday: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

700 Twin Lakes Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89107

$10. SCA Members + $3 non member surcharge.

For more information please contact the event stewards at: practicum@starkhafn.org Lady Angel La Fiera, Lord Hercule de Bourbon l'Archambault

Lunch Saturday included. Menu to be announced. Please contact event staff for food allergies, or to reserve vegetarian option.

Two full days of classes from renowned instructors on the techniques of the fighting manuals of the Medieval and Renaissance Masters.

Armored Combat, Rapier, and Cut & Thrust, all students of the sword are welcome.

Master Gwylym ab Owain (William Wilson) Founder of Tattershall School of Defence, Premier White Scarf of Atenveldt, Fencing Instructor at Northern Arizona University.


  • Achille Marozzo's two handed sword
  • Sword & Dagger from the works of Giovanni dall'Agocchie and Fredrico
  • Ghisliero
  • Garb for the 16th Century Cavalier
  • Games of Chance, Renaissance Gambling


Don Prospere de Monseguire (Devon Boorman) Maestro, Academie Duello Vancouver B.C. Over the last ten years Devon has studied with some of the premier scholars of European martial arts, including Tomasso Leoni, Bob Charon, and Bill Willson. Devon has worked on both stage and screen as a stunt person, choreographer and also served as a historical combat consultant for the Discovery Channel.


  • Proper application of the feint
  • Understanding and Applying Capo Ferro's System of Fence
  • Introduction to Fiore
  • Part 1: Dagger & unarmed combat
  • Part 2 Longsword (wasters required, steel, rattan or hardwood)


Sean Kiernan of the Kingdom of the West, head instructor of The Trayn'd Bande of the Blackfriars Sean started fencing in 1996 with the Order of the Rose School of Defense. In 1999 he was bequeathed the school and that is where his education really started. Sean has trained under Tommaso Leoni several times, even hosting Mr. Leoni to teach a 20 hour seminar at his school. Since then Sean has been training and teaching Fabris' style working from Mr. Leoni's translation of the Grand Masters 1606 work "Lo Schermo, overo Scienza d'arme" (On fencing, or the Knowledge of Arms).


  • The fundamentals of Salvator Fabris
  • Basic theory
  • Intermediate Theory


Don Lot Ramirez (Jeff Jacobson)
Don Lot has been fencing since 1995, inside and outside the SCA. He has had the opportunity to learn from many great teachers. In 2000, he dedicated himself to studying historical combat treatises under Gary Chelak (SCA: Maestro Giacomo Cavalli da Treviso) and has been doing his own study for the last 6 years, primarily focused in the area of rapier and smallsword combat. He is a member of Tattershall School of Defence, and a senior student in the SoCal branch, who has taught numerous classes in the SCA, at TSD, and beyond.

  • Joachim Meyer's Rapier Part I: The Building Blocks
  • Joachim Meyer's Rapier Part II: Intro to Devices
  • Practical Application of Cut & Thrust


Sir Abu Nur Rustam Ibn Abdallah (Lucian J. Rizzo) An Tir Sir Rustam has been teaching armored combat based on historic techniques for many years through the Western kingdoms of the SCA.

  • Circular Sword Techniques based on the I:33 manual
  • Foundation Techniques
  • Advanced Techniques