[CAI] Robin Hood Archery

Come one, come all! The Barony of the Angels invites you to attend our annual Robin Hood Tournament at the Woodley Park archery range. Come and enjoy a wonderful day of archery, thrown weapons, rapier and bardic competitions for Their Excellencies Baron John ap Griffin and Baroness Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani are in search of champions. All of Caid is encouraged to show in force!

....originally, the announcement said: "The Allan-a-Dale Bardic Competition for the Angels baronial bardic champion -The Sherwood Bard - will also be held the same day. Come prepared to hear and see some of Caid's best bards in action."

Robin Hood Archery (Angels)
Sunday March 1, 2009
Woodley Park, 6331 Woodley Avenue, Van Nuys, CA 91406

They happened to meet on a long narrow bridges, and neither of them would give way; Quoth bold Robin Hood, and sturdily stood, I'll show you the right Nottingham play. With that from his quiver an arrow he drew, a broad arrow with a goose-wing: the stranger reply'd I'll liquor thy hide, if thouse offerst to touch the string. -- Robin Hood and Little John No. 125 from The English and Scottish Popular Ballads by Frances James Child.

Awards will also be given for the winning archer within each ranking (Youth through Period Archer), as well as an Overall Champion. Authorizations will be held early in the morning for new archers. The day will be filled with new and unique novelty shoots.

The Allan-a-Dale Bardic Competition is actually a BARDIC EXHIBITION! Please come out and just perform for the honor of the Baroness of Angels. Consider it similar to the Festival of the Rose for Her Majesty -- we'd like to have poetry, song, groups, duets, solos, dramatic presentation, and instrumentalists to just grace us with some of your wonderful talents.

This is not a competition in the traditional sense of the word. Their Excellencies of Angels have, after much consultation, decided to simply privately ask someone to serve as their Court Bard for a year,if that person will accept the offer. If you're interested in serving as a court bard, wonderful. If not, that's okay too. Our performances at Robin Hood will be simply for the love of the the bardic arts in all their variety. There's no specific theme or requirement. Please, just come share your favorite material with us: new, old, traditional, researched, original, instrumental, vocal, dramatic, poetic -- your choice.

New this year we will have both rapier, with a reenactment of the battle between Little John and Robin Hood on the bridge, and thrown weapon events.

The theme of the A&S competition is "Robin Hood" so any art or science that relates to Robin Hood, early medieval England, Archery, or anything else that can be tied to Robin Hood is fair game. Please note the new rules for this year: the entry must have been completed within the last two years and no piece can be submitted that won at either the 2007 or 2008 Robin Hood Tourney.

Be sure to bring your weaving or fiber arts projects – we're having a Weaving Playday! Come sit under the trees, watch the archers, play with fibers, and maybe learn a new hobby. Don't know how to weave? Dame Lynette will be on hand for all your questions. There will be informal classes, books, hands-on projects, and more.

There will be a lunch of baked potatoes with all the fixins, chicken sausage wraps, hot drinks & lemonade for a small donation.

Fees Adults (13 years & up): $5.00 for SCA members (do not forget to bring proof of membership!); There is a $3 non-member surcharge. Children 12 and under are the guests of the Barony. Make checks payable to SCA, Inc. - Barony of the Angels.

Directions: Take your favorite freeway to the 405 and journey to the San Fernando Valley.

(From South of the event, thats the 405 North. From North of the event, thats the 5 South to the 405 South.)

Exit at Burbank Blvd and turn West. The Sepulveda Basin is now to your right (if you cross Sepulveda Blvd - you are going the wrong way).

At Woodley, turn right. Look for a sign that bears the legend "Japanese Gardens". Turn right towards the gardens.

Just before entering the gardens, turn right on the access road that traverses the park picnic grounds. Continue along this road until you reach a traffic circle.

The Archery range is on the left, up the hill. Parking is limited up near the range.