Combatants announced for Atenveldt Crown Tourney

Baronessa Isabeau della Farfalla, Seneschal for the Kingdom of Atenveldt, has announced the list of combatants for the upcoming Crown Tournament in that Kingdom.

Her Excellency writes:

The following 34 individuals have fulfilled the requirements set forth in Lex Atenveldtus and found favor in the eyes of the Crown and are therefore duly summoned to compete in Their Crown Tournament in the Barony of Sundragon on the seventh day of March, in the ninth year of the third millennium.

Baronessa Isabeau della Farfalla, OP
Aten Seneschal

Belted Fighters

  • Sir Brian The Pious fights for Lady Medb McLeod

  • Duke Sir Mathghamhain MacAlpine fights for Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan

  • Thegn Sir Tristan Dragonheart fights for Bannthegn Damiana McDade

  • Sir Gawin Nordmann fights for Mistress Francesca Valentina d'Ivrea

  • Duke Sir Cosmo Craven fights for Duchess Elzbieta Rurikovskaia

  • Duke Sir Arthur O'Flaherty fights for Countess Gabriela Juliana de Bordeaux

  • Sir Jason Thorne of Antioch fights for THL Sanche O'Connor

  • Master Sir Donngal Buchanan fights for Lady Iona Putnika

  • Baron Sir Ivan Petrovich fights for Baroness Ianuk Raventhourne

  • Sir Irwin MacLeod fights for Lady Angeline de Jebal Tarig

  • Duke Sir Eduard Gostomski fights for THL Golda ferch Deiniol

  • Sir Timothy Blackwell fights for Countess Mary Rose of Burgundy

  • Sir Gregory Wynterson fights for Lady Ana de Moravia

  • Duke Sir Phelan O'Coileain fights for Countess Amirah al-Zahra

  • Sir Elias Loredan fights for Lady Valora tou Ayiva

  • Sir Sean South fights for Bannthegn Brighed O'Daire

  • Sir Sylvester the Black fights for Mistress Cassia Mortivaux

  • Viscount Sir Dmitri Mischovitch Kazmirov fights for Mistress Tatiana Gordeeva Kazmirova

Unbelted Fighters

  • Master Godfrey von Rheinfels fights for Lady Corynne MacLeod

  • Lord Michael of Marlborough fights for Lady Áine inghean uí Ghríobhtha

  • Baron Robert Aonghus of Loch Mohr fights for Baroness Theresa aus Elp

  • Lord Kazimer Velentov fights for Countess Mariana Vivia de Santiago

  • Lord Pelagius de Ball fights for THL Aurelia Chrysanthina Dalassene

  • THL Jean Andre Boeye fights for Baroness Dalla of the Misty Forest

  • Ld. Alessandro delle Alpi fights for Lady Perin de la Serena

  • Ld Eirik Ising Steingrim fights for M'Lady Octavia Gaillard

  • Ld Oslaf of Northumbria fights for Lady Imma Kaillewey

  • Lord Coileán mac an Báird fights for Sayyida Aziza al-Labua bint Ibrahim ibn Rashid al rahhala

  • Lord Thomas De Revelle fights for Lady Ilona von Neunhof

  • Baron Christopher fitzArthur fights for Baroness Miana ni Chonnagain

  • Mistress Cassia Mortivaux fights for Sir Sylvester the Black

  • Lord Einar atgorvimaor fights for Baroness Shaylan MacNeil

  • Lord Crispin del More fights for Lady Sely Bloxom

  • m'Lord Jost Brandolph von Luck fights for m'Lady Siani Euraid