[EAS] Mudthaw

As winter turns to spring, the world awakens once again. Their Excellencies, Alexander and Rhiannon, Baron and Baroness of Settmour Swamp, invite the known world to their annual celebration of the thawing of the mud. Their Excellencies are delighted to host Their Royal Majesties, Darius and Alethea, as they search for their next Champions of Arms and Arts.

Please join us on March 28, AS XLIII (2009) at the Salaam Shrine in Livingston, NJ as we gather to enjoy all that our society has to offer. There will be tournaments of martial skill in armored combat, rapier fencing, archery, thrown weapons, and youth fighting. There will be a grand arts and sciences competition to find the next kingdom champions. There will be a baking competition and a brewing competition. There will be shopping with some of the finest merchants from around the known world. And to cap off the day, we will have a wonderful feast.

The Champion of Arms tournament will be fought in the traditional Mudthaw double elimination format. All entrants shall have the option of fighting for the right to be named King's or Queen's Champion of Arms and the duties and privileges thereof. Sign in for the tournament will be held in the upstairs hall, until 11:30 AM. The tournament will begin promptly at noon. If you intend to fight in the tournament, please fill out our online tournament registration form to speed your way.

The Champion of Arts and Sciences competition will be held in the upstairs hall. Check-in for the competition will begin promptly at 9:30 AM and close at 11:30 AM. Details on the format of the competition will be posted to www.mudthaw.org when they become available. Entrants are encouraged to pre-register for the event and for the competition using the online form located at www.mudthaw.org . Entrants who are pre-registered will be allowed to enter the hall to set up when troll opens for staff and merchants at 9:00 AM. Entries must be picked up by 3:00 PM.

In addition to the dual championships, there will be tournaments for rapier combat, archery, thrown weapons, and youth fighting. The fencing tournament will begin at 12:30 PM. Archery and thrown weapons will begin at 11:45 AM and 1:15 PM respectively. More information will be forthcoming in regards to youth combat. Sign in for these martial activities will be inside the upstairs hall until 11:30. If you intend to participate in a martial activity, please fill out our online tournament registration form to speed your way.

The East Kingdom Brewers Guild will be hosting a brewing competition, and while man cannot live on bread alone, we will be holding the first Mudthaw bread baking competition. Entries will be accepted in the following categories for the baking competition: period recipe, bread with spread, dessert bread, and surprise us. Please include a full ingredient list for all entries. Entries in the period recipe category must include documentation.

After court, we invite all to dine on the delicious feast being prepared by Lady Charis Accipiter. Baroness Rhiannon will be holding her second annual subtlety contest. The theme for this year's subtleties is Champions. All entries should be presented to Her Excellency at High Table during the feast for judging.

** Please note, there will be no dayboard at this event.** We encourage you to provide your own food for the day, and have arranged to have food merchants on-site. Please visit the merchant page for menus from the food vendors.

Site Opens: 9:30 AM
Site Closes: 11:00 PM

Event Fees:
Pre-registration: Until March 12, 2009
Adult: $10.00
Children 6-17: $5.00
Under 6: Free
At the door:
Adults: $12.00
Children 6-17: $5.00
Under 6: Free

Adult non-members: please add the $3 non-member surcharge.
Feast: Feast: $9.00 per person

Reservation Refund Policy: If, after sending in a reservation, you are unable to attend, please contact the autocrat before the event. Site fees and merchant fees will be refunded after the event. Feast fees will be refunded if we are able to resell your feast space. Troll will close when royal court opens. Unclaimed feast reservations will be sold off to a waiting list if there is one when troll closes. If you plan on arriving late, please let the autocrat know.

Please make checks payable to "SCA Inc – Barony of Settmour Swamp". With your reservation, please list each person's modern and SCA name and the ages of any minors. Please also include and e- mail address or phone number where we can reach you if needed. If you intend to use the express check-in, please send proof of membership with your reservation and a SASE for the express check in letter. Acceptable proof of membership includes a copy of your membership card, a current Pikestaff label with your name on it, or the proof of membership letter from the SCA web site.

Autocrat: Lord Owynn Greenwood autocrat@mudthaw.org