Corrections to October Board Meeting Report

Meg Baron, President of the SCA, has issued a brief letter correcting some typographical errors in last week's President's Report on the Board of Directors meeting in October. Meg Baron writes:

Greetings unto the members of the SCA:

Yesterday I sent my report on the October 2004 Board meeting. A couple of significant typographical errors have been brought to my attention, and I wish to correct these errors:

  1. New Business item A, concerning a proposed chenge to Corpora V.B.4, requested commentary by April 1, 2003. This should be April 1, 2004.
  2. The name of the Tournaments Illuminated Art Director designée was misspelled. Her name is Linda Krecker.

I offer my apologies for the errors.

Sincere regards,

Meg Baron
President, SCA Inc.

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