"Functionally invisible" medieval documents now cataloged

Thousands of medieval manuscripts have been digitized over the past few years, but according to researchers they are buried in hundreds of search engine hits on the Internet. Now English professor Matthew Fisher has collected links to nearly "1,000 manuscripts by 193 authors in 20 languages from 59 libraries around the world" into the Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts.

"Searching for medieval manuscripts gets you millions of hits, most of which have nothing to do with manuscripts, and when they do, they usually feature only images of a single page rather than the entire book," said Matthew Fisher, an assistant professor of English at UCLA. "Since finding these great projects is so tough, they're functionally invisible."

The two-year project by Fisher and Christopher Baswell has collected "links to every manuscript from the eighth to the 15th century that had been fully digitized by any library, archive, institute or private owner anywhere in the world."