From the Board of Directors - Financial Announcement

Patrick Anderson, President of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., discusses the steps taken by the Board of Directors of the SCA, Inc. to deal with the modern world economic down turn.

Patrick Anderson writes

Financial Announcement:

Our organization, like most of the world, is suffering from the recent economic down turn. Please take a moment to review the 2009 SCA, Inc. budget the directors and corporate staff have posted at As you can see, the SCA is forecasting a deficit for this budget cycle (2009). At this time, this is only a forecast, and will be monitored and modified as the year progresses. For the year ending 2008, we had a net loss of $181,595.56. Looking forward to 2009, changes in funding strategy will be required to meet current and future needs.

The SCA's 2008 and projected 2009 deficit is a result of several factors.

  1. An increase in the cost to the SCA's liability insurance.
  2. The increased cost of travel.
  3. The increased cost materials; printing, paper, postage etc.
  4. Over the last couple of years our membership numbers had remained steady. However, the last four months have shown a slight overall decline in membership and more people are renewing as associate or family members, resulting in a loss of revenue.
  5. The Organization's branches hosted roughly 100 fewer events this year; down to 1123 from 1247 the previous year.

At the October 2008 Board meeting the Board of Directors took the following substantive measures to cut costs.

  1. The elimination of one of the quarterly in-person meetings of the Board of Directors, the July meeting, which will be replaced by a conference call. Please note: The directors remain committed to outreach to the membership. The elimination of this meeting was a difficult choice as the directors and corporate staff is committed to public meetings, traveling across the Known World in order to meet the members and gain input from them.
  2. The introduction of the online waivers, which will reduce postage and paper costs.
  3. The Corporate office also negotiated a reduction in rental fees in our new lease.
  4. The Directors and corporate staff have realigned our investments in minimize the impact of a volatile market.

Looking forward, we see the potential for continued financial distress for the Organization. In light of the 2008 loss, the Directors and corporate staff are currently working through a variance analysis. The first results of this analysis are the measures noted above. Moving forward, we are looking at a variety of options to reduce costs, and increase our revenue. Please take a moment to review the list of ideas below and send us your comments and ideas. We understand that some of the options will be unpopular in areas of the Society. This should not be considered a complete list of all options, nor should any of these items be considered as a "done deal". While we have no wish to unduly change the spirit of our shared activity, we feel strongly that at this time all options must be placed on the table, examined and reviewed.

  1. Development of a Grant program, specifically target at supporting our publications and A&S activities.
  2. Offering Tournaments Illuminated and The Compleat Anachronist subscriptions to non members, libraries, schools, and others.
  3. Raising the rate for these publications to our members.
  4. Adding new tiers of member sponsorship of the SCA such as a Donor or Sponsor level of involvement.
  5. Examining the different membership participation options, with a short term "event pass" for new participants.
  6. Increased funding from sales of SCA related merchandise (via Cafe Press or other similar sites Individual Kingdoms currently have gone in this direction. We are not looking to curtail this activity. )
  7. Raising membership rates.

Please note that the Organization is capable of funding the forecasted deficit for 2008 and 2009 from our reserves. However, with the current economic environment and the SCA's challenges, this does not seem to be a prudent solution.

As ever, the Board of Directors and Corporate staff needs your input and ideas.

Comments may be sent to; Please recall that this is a comment only address. The Directors all see the email from this comments address, however we do not offer individual responses.

Thank you for your time and review of this material.


Patrick Anderson
Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

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