[AET] Metalsmiths Symposium

The time is coming to load your anvil and hammers into your strongest cart, gather your gravers, chase your pitch bowl down, load your ladles, and gather your ore for a grand metals symposium!

The Shire of Coppertree is holding a magnificent Spanish theme event the weekend of June 5,6,7 and has graciously offered the Royal Guild of Aethelmearc Metalsmiths the opportunity to hold a Metalsmiths Symopsium to add to the festivities.

We are planning many class tracks in a variety of metalsmithing topics, everything from hands-on jewelry making classes and steel forging to lectures on the historical impacts of metal working developments and economic effects. Metal work of one type or another was essential to the culture and economy of every community and society from the Bronze age forward, as developments in tools and weapons shaped society, economy, and the physical world. One cannot fully understand a culture without studying its tools and the creation of its artifacts.

Please come and join us for the symposium ( and the grand event that surrounds it!) there will be room to camp etc. (We have the whole Madison County fairgrounds!) The event itself will include fighting, fencing, European dance with live musicians, archery etc. and a magnificent feast (more on that when the actual event announcement comes out) If you would like to teach please email me at


In service,
THL John Michael Thorpe
Guildmaster: Royal Guild of Aethelmearc Metalsmiths