[ANT] July Coronation, A.S. 44

The Barony of Three Mountains welcomes all to witness the Coronation of Their Royal Highnesses, the Heirs to King Vik and Queen Inga as They take Their rightful places upon the Sable Throne of An Tir. This weekend of July Coronation also bears witness to the challenge required of all those who would compete to become the next Champion of An Tir.

Other activities over the weekend will include Arts and Sciences displays, other marshallate activities, as well as the many meetings usually associated with a Coronation Event.

VOLUNTEERS: July Coronation is a Kingdom of An Tir event. Much help will be needed in order to make the event a successful one. Please contact the July Coronation Volunteer Coordinator.

MERCHANTS: Preregistration will be required. Please contact the merchant o’crat, Marco @ marco_polo_1969@hotmail.com with any questions.

EVENT PRE-REGISTRATIONS: Pre-registrations for July Coronation are now open and will end on June 1, 2009. Please visit the Pre-Registration page to confirm your registration status.

PARKING POLICY: Please move your vehicles to the designated parking area as soon as it is unloaded. Do not park in unauthorized areas. You WILL be towed! Please view the complete parking policy.

RVs:There is no RV accommodation at this end of the park. If you would like to bring your RV please contact Milo McIver Park directly. There will be another fee associated.

HOURS: Site opens on 1pm on Friday, July 17th and closes at 3:00 PM on Sunday, July 19th. This does not mean to start breaking down at 3:00 pm.

SITE LOCATION: Location will be Milo McIver State park (home of Sport of Kings) Estacada, Oregon.

SITE INFORMATION: Site is discretely wet. Pets are welcome, but owners must keep them controlled and clean up any pet treasures.

EQUESTRIAN: Please be advised that there will not be any Equestrian activities at July Coronation . Also, no provisions have been made to allow for horses on site. Thank you for understanding.

SITE FEES: Weekend: Adults (18+): $15 US, $18 US (NON-MEMBERS) Youth (6-18): $10 US; Children 5 and under free; Family Cap: $48 US, Please make checks payable to "The Barony of Three Mountains; SCA, Inc."

AUTOCRAT Mistress Attia, mandy.grayson@gmail.com