[ANT] Youth Allthing - CANCELLED

Rampaging pygmy hordes from the Steppes raid neighboring bedrooms! Thousand Flee in Terror! The Youth of An Tir demand their own event! Parents across the Kingdom report the activities of restless children as cabin fever asserts itself.

In response to desperate pleas from frustrated parents of An Tir, the Shire of Midhaven with the assistance of the Barony of Aquaterra are once again holding a Youth Allthing. A day of activity for kids who are bored with events that only have activities for adults.

There will be a variety of classes and fun for all age groups. Classes currently include: Banner-making, Kube, Bocce ball, Castles & fortifications (hands-on), Weapons & armor (hands on), Needle felting, Darts, Thrown weapons, Camping Safety, etc. See the class schedule at the Midhaven website.

Lunch will be provided. Attend Courtly Graces class with Baron Cedric & Baroness Brighid, as well as story-time with Duchess Angharad.

A feast is planned with food kids (big and little) like to eat, sponsored by the Barony of Aquaterra.

There will be a Dessert Auction held in the evening to raise funds for Shire archery equipment. Donations of desserts will be gladly accepted.

A table will be available for kids to draw artwork for the April edition of The Crier. The Kingdom Chronicler will be at the event to collect submissions. The artwork can be drawn in advance of the event or at the event.

For stray adults there will be a Herald's consultation table, coloring books and other fun activities to keep them out of their children's hair.

There will also be an afternoon session for adults to learn how to start a College of Pages in their area. For more information, contact Countess Elizabeth at teverett@bentonrea.com or Baron Godric at godricaprhys@yahoo.com

Site opens Saturday, February 28th @ 8:00 a.m. and closes @ 6:30 p.m.

Duchess Angharad Drakenhefd angharad_antir@yahoo.com

Co-Autocrat: HL Mericke moniquemoran@verizon.net

Site Fee: $10.00 for any age with a $3.00, adult, non-member surcharge. Instructors are $5.00. Children under 3 are free with parental supervision. Lunch is included.

The cost of the evening feast is $8.00 per person. There are only 100 seats available, so please make your feast reservations in advance with HL Mericke.

Make checks payable to the "Shire of Midhaven, SCA Inc."

Site Information: Skagit County Fairgrounds, 1410 Virginia St., Mount Vernon, WA 98284

Directions to site: From I-5 North and South; Take Kincaid exit # 226, (From North I-5 turn right) (from South I-5 turn left) onto Kincaid, then left on to Cleveland, then right onto Hazel look for SCA signs to North Gate off of Hazel.