[MID] Freezing our Haflas Off

After a year hiatus, the Hafla returns to the Barony of White Waters. Once again you can study the arts of dancing and drumming as well as other Mid Eastern arts. The Crusader Camp will once again be available for fighters to sit and discuss the Arts Martial, possible outdoor classes weather permitting.

Frustrated by Haflas where you spend all day learning and only get an hour or two to practice your new knowledge? We have the site all night and crash space is available, included in site fee. There is an outdoor fire pit or indoor fireplaces, where you can now dance and drum until you drop. Limited bunks are available, so preregistration is advised (you can contact either the gatekeeper or the event steward).

The Res 13950 Scout Lane Mishawaka, IN 46544

Site fee $10 (non-member $3 surcharge)
Kids $3 for kids 5-12
Children under 5 free
Side board luncheon $5

Site opens for merchants at 8 am. Populace to arrive at 9 am. DISCRETELY wet site (no empty containers to be left on site) No animals allowed (service animals welcome)

Event Steward: Lady Zafirah sarah_neverly@netzero.net
Class coordinator: Mistress Isabel Moundoghter HelloIsabel@aol.com

Feast Stewards: Cerridwynn nic Alister and Christiana Delchambre cerridwynn@rocketmail.com

Gatekeeper/Troll: Lord Jaric de I’lle Longe Sault