Love letters in the 12th century

Karin Larsdatter provides advice for the lovelorn in a translation on her Medieval Material Culture Blog. The entry looks at a 12th century handbook of letter writing recently discovered at the Biblioteca Capitolare di Verona.

Karin writes:

The manuscript Modi dictaminum, in Latin, gives advice to women The oldest Italian manuscript on how to write love letters dates back to the Middle Ages. Scholars from the University of Siena have traced the unpublished texts of ancient rhetoric to Italian and Spanish libraries. According to the researchers, it is the first manual for letter-writing to come to us, in which they also teach how to write love letters. The text, in Latin and on parchment, is from the second half of the 12th century. The author is a certain Guido, a cleric perhaps from Casentino, the zone on the border between Tuscany and Emilia.

Read the rest on her website - or follow the link to the original in Italian.