[EAL] Practicum 2009

The Canton of Caldrithig presents Practicum 2009: By the Winters Hearth, February 21, 2009

Site Opens At: 9:00 a.m.
Classes Begin: 9:30 a.m.
Site Closes At: 10:00 p.m.

Site Fees: Adults $9 (includes Kingdom tythe of $1) Children (13-17) $6 Children (6-12) $3 Children under 6 yrs free Non-member surcharge of $3 will be in effect Sorry, cash payments only will be accepted. Please pay at gate at the event.

Heron Road Community Centre
1480 Heron Rd.
Ottawa ON
(613) 247-4808

What did medieval people do in the winter months by the fire when they were not off a viking or on a crusade laying siege to their neighbours? They had to prepare new weapons and fix old armour, creating the latest fashion or illuminating the latest ransom note. Whiling away the time and otherwise entertaining themselves during the long cold winter months. With this in mind we wish to invite one and all to come out and enjoy a day of learning new things and partake in discussions and activities that might have been of interest indoors by the hearth (be it in your long house or in your castle) while the snow fell outside. There will be a full days programming for children classes, parents are requested to offer some time helping out, as this is not designed as a babysitting service.

A lunch will be available on-site for a small fee, Prepared by Lady Gina Dragoni of Harrowgate Heath and her ever faithful kitchen staff, (fundraiser for Harrowgate Heath) tickets for lunch will be sold for $5 at gate with a limited amount available

Pot-Luck Feast:
The evening will feature a potluck for those who choose to participate, and the traditional dessert revel afterwards. Whether or not you are participating in the pot luck feast. we ask that you bring a small dessert to share for the revel afterwards ( or a non alcoholic beverage). PLEASE remember to bring feast gear.

Dinner will be potluck, and you may bring what you wish. In order to achieve some balance in the meal (and to direct your choices) we would recommend you bring something according to this list below. Please bring food to share (for 6 to 8 small portions minimum) from that category. There are some reheating facilities available, but they are minimal. Food need not be period, but an attempt at periodicity is appreciated. IF you would strongly prefer to bring something in another category, please do so, but it would be a shame to have all dessert and no dinner (or the reverse!).

Add to our festive decor by bringing in your banners and heraldry for display!

Food Bank Donations:
There will be a box set out for non perishable donations at gate for the local food bank. Please feel free to bring a donation. Cookies will be out for people have donated to enjoy. With the bus strike that has affected our fair city, many people that we know and many more that we don't have had to use the food bank when in normal times this would not have been an issue, lets see what we can do to help our neighbours during this time. Also if you know of someone who is attending that might wish to bring home a doggy bag after potluck please let myself, Maunus or Judith know and we will add them to the list.( If discretion is preferred let us know that too)

There will also be court as requested by the Vicar before dinner.

There will also be time set aside for Baroness Tsivia's Vigil for her Pelicaning please come out and give her words of encouragement while she sits vigil in her loving Canton of Caldrithig.

Class schedule and descriptions now available.

Event Stewards:
Thora Volundsdottir hverweybsmith@gmail.com
Maunus Sataeilkanpoika murt@fullerillustration.com

Gate Steward::
Judith the Quiet Seeker judy@magma.ca

Class Registrar:
Thora Volundsdottir hverweybsmith@gmail.com

Children's Steward:
Lady Dubhease ingen Laoidheac Dubhease@yahoo.ca

Pot luck Steward:
Dame Helen of Greyfells: e-mail: - potluck@damehelen.com

Bussing: There is ample bus service within Ottawa itself to the site (routes 8, 111, 141), and parking on-site for approximately 40 cars. Please be SURE to park around the Community Centre building itself and not across the lot from it (which is parking for an apartment complex!).

**If the bus strike is still in effect, then we will try and make sure any and all in the city that is affected by it and wants to come out can. Just let us know by Wednesday February 18th and we will do all we can to match you up with someone who has space in their vehicle. Also any who might have space in your cars and wish to volunteer in helping out our brothers and sisters in Caldrithig and Harrowgate Heath, please contact us and let us know. Thank you. From the South and West: find your best route to Highway 416 and go NORTH towards Ottawa. Exit at HUNT CLUB and turn SOUTH (right) at the end of the highway offramp to Hunt Club Rd (which is the first set of lights, a few hundred metres from the offramp stop sign). Turn EAST (left) onto Hunt Club and take this quite a ways, until Bank St. Turn NORTH (left) on Bank. St, follow this to HERON ROAD. Turn EAST (right) onto Heron: the site will be on your right hand side. If you get to Baycrest, you have gone slightly too far.

From the East: Take Hwy. 40 from Montreal WEST, this turns into Highway 417 at the provincial border. Continue on Highway 417 W and exit at Alta Vista/Vanier Parkway once you reach Ottawa. Take Alta Vista SOUTH (left off-ramp), watch out for the dog-leg in the road which turns into Riverside Drive. Take Alta Vista south until Heron Rd. Turn EAST (left) onto Heron: the site will be on your right hand side.