[CAI] Lyondemere Arts and Archery

Come one, come all, to our annual Lyondemere Arts and Archery Tournament! The event will be held in beautiful Cheviot Hills at the Rancho Park Archery Range, which is located in the Rancho Park Golf Course. Parking for the archery range is found at the end of a narrow east/west road, accessible on the west side of Motor Avenue (take the first turn north of where Motor meets Pico Blvd). Watch for SCA signs on Motor Ave. Our picnic area adjoins the parking lot on the south side. All parking is free.

The site opens at 8 AM. If the parking lot is full, you may park directly behind any car on the south side that has an SCA sticker, or in the parking lot near Motor Ave. Pavilions are not allowed on site. There are picnic tables and benches for our use, and you can bring your own chairs. Pets are allowed on leashes. This is a dry site. There is handicap access. Porta-potties are close by. You are welcome to bring your own food and drink. Charcoal grills are available for our use. Restaurants are located a half-mile in two directions: on Pico, west of Motor Ave, and on Motor, south of Pico.

Rain cancels archery, but not the Arts & Sciences competition or the Revel. For further inquiries, contact the site autocrat: Lord Drusus von Augsburg at archeryatlyondemere.org

Participation in the archery events is limited to authorized archers. Authorization of new archers will be held from 8-10 AM. Loaner gear is available. Opening court starts at 10 AM. Warm-up on the Archery range will end at 11 AM, at which time the Moving Target Competition will begin, followed by the Pink Tutu Competition. After lunch, the Baronial Archery Championship Contest will begin. See below for details on the Archery Championship list.

After the Baronial Championship is decided and time permits, we will hold a timed speed shooting contest called a Roman Round. The final archery event of the day will be the Balloon Melee. Prizes will be awarded for the winners of each archery contest.

Arts and Sciences
Concurrent with the Archery competition will be the Lyondemere Baronial Arts and Sciences Competition, which will allow artisans to display their best work across artistic and scientific platforms. The Lyondemere Arts and Sciences Champion is judged on three entries. All entries should be recent (completed in the past year) and are expected to be documented.

There will also be a People’s Prize Competition for those who wish to display their skill but not enter in the championship competition.

Arts and Archery Competitions
Like all baronial champions please consider the expectations before entering: The title of Lyondemere Champion is awarded annually at specific competitions for each champion. (Anniversary for Armored and Rapier combat, Yule for LyonBard, and Lyondemere Arts & Archery for the Archery and Arts & Sciences Champions.) The winner of each competition will serve for one year, turning over their title to their successor at the end of their period of service. This expectation document describes the position, its rights, and its responsibilities.

Archery Champion Lists
In honor of Their Excellencies, Thomas and Angelina, the Barony of Lyondemere brings you a traditional Italian shoot to determine the Archery Champion of Lyondemere. Called the “Palio dei Rioni,” the shoot dates back to 1339 in Pescia, a small town in the central Tuscany region. The festival was recently revived and takes place each September in Pescia as a challenge between the four main neighborhoods in the city. Each round, the archers compete in groups of four in three ends. The first is three discs of 20 cm diameter and one with 7 cm in the center. The second, the outside discs reduce to 15 cm. During these two ends, the archers may use four arrows to score on the discs. The last end is a single disc 10 cm in diameter and the archer can use a single arrow. Scoring: In the first two ends, the large discs are worth 10 points each, while the center one is worth 60. The last volley, the single disc is worth 60 points.

Arts and Sciences Champion Lists
The Lyondemere Arts and Sciences Competition is judged on three entries. All entries should be recent, completed in the past year, and are expected to be documented. Because the judging is to be “blind” please do NOT put your name, or any other identifying marks, on your entries or documentation, if possible. You will be given a number to identify each entry when you sign in at List.