[EAL] Break the Back of Winter XXVIII

Come paid heed to this, an invitation with open arms for all of you to enter to limestone borders of Greyfells and to help us celebrate Break the Back of Winter XXVIII: Idle Hands are the Devil's Playthings.

There will be feasting and classes and a most unique A&S competition. So bring your projects, your learning caps and your sense of fun!

Autocrat: Lady Moira ni Namara

Feast Stewards: Mistress Siglinde, and Lady Lucia
Rapier Marshal: Lord Neythart

Fees(Incoming funds):
Adult: 10$
Children (3-12): 5$

Adults: 12$
Children: Booked 2 wks in advance 6$ (after = 12$)
Servers: Free: if you wish to serve let us know on the day of,and the positions will be filled on a first come basis)
Lunch: If lunch is served at site a Notice will be sent down the lists. Either way a list of nearby places to eat will be available at troll.

St. Margarets United Church
690 Sir John A MacDonald Boulevard
Kingston, ON K7M 1A2

Directions: Take your best route to the 401 towards Kingston. Take the Sir John A MacDonald Exit (exit 615), follow Sir John A to the Church on the Right hand side across the street from the Loblaws Plaza.��

There will be Heavy Fighting and Rapier.�� Heavy fighting will occur outside weather permitting, indoors if it is wet.�� Rapier will be indoors regardless.

There will be as always an unsupervised room for the children to play in. Some toys and games will be provided.�� Parents are expected to ensure care of and supervision of their children at all times.

Arts and Sciences:
There will be classes during the day Thus far we have 4 confirmed teaches and two awaiting confirmation on subjects ranging from sewing to service! Be assured that a clear Itinerary will be up at the event, and keep an eye on your favorite list for a teaching schedule that will go up as soon as everything is confirmed!

There will be an A&S competition Table! Judging will be blind as such submissions cannot have maker's marks or signatures on them (or those present must be covered). Projects will be judged in two categories. Judges will first determine whether in their opinion this project is of beginner, intermediate, or advanced (laurel worthy) level of quality. All three judges must come to an agreement on level of project.

Judges will then individually, within the level they have chosen grade the project on a 1-10 scale.

(So each project will have 1 level card and 3 grading cards (or number equal to number of judges) Projects will be given prizes for head of each level. ( 1 prize for top beginner, intermediate and advanced)

Other: There will be some games available for public use, people are encouraged to bring and share their favorite Medieval Game! I invite all bards and performers to share their talents with us between courses at feast!

There will be a Baronial Level Court, In order to announce the names of the Baronial Heirs of Skraeling Althing!

We Greatly Look Forward To Seeing Everyone There, Together Amoungst the Warmth of Friends and Family We Can Break the Back of Winter! anyone lived in a pretty how town with up so floating many bells down...