Gulf Coast Renaissance Faire

Gulf Coast Renaissance Faire, 3603 Mobile Highway, Pensacola, Florida 32505 or P.O. Box 36333, Pensacola, FL, 32516.

Gulf Coast Renaissance Faire SCA Information Sheet

Faire is on Mar.7-8, 2009, 10a-5p, at the Pensacola Fairgrounds, 6655 Mobile Hwy, Pensacola, FL 32526

1. SCA FIGHT DEMOS- Heavy, Rapier and Youth Combat, 2 demos per day, one to two hours alloted per day for this purpose. Demos take place on Joust grounds. Local SCA Marshalls are in charge of organization and coordination of this.

2. SCA TOURNAMENTS-the Faire shall provide prizes for SCA Heavy, Rapier and Youth Combat Tournaments if the SCA wants to manage a Tournament at the faire.

3. SCA PERIOD DISPLAYS/CAMPING: SCA is encouraged to bring out your medieval tents and camp for the nights of the faire. Mundane tents are allowed but will have to be hidden during faire hours. Tents will be placed in various areas. Respect for the fairgrounds is a must and “coming and going” in vehicles during the nights should be kept to a minimum. Please keep up with your own trash and keep the area alloted clean. NO GROUND FIRES!!

4. GAMES-SCA members are encouraged to vend games activities for the patrons during the event. You can charge the public to play the games. There is no charge for space for this purpose as long as vendor is an SCA member, a portion of the profits for the game goes to the SCA, the Ren period theme is honored in the design of the game, a merchant application is filled out and signed by the main representative for the game by the deadline for apps (2/20/09), liability waivers are signed by each person working the game, and the game is coordinated through and final approval made by STEVEN MELEI who is the Ren Faire Games Liason.

5. SCA General Admission- All SCA members presenting current SCA I.D.s at the ticket booth and dressed in Ren/medieval/pirate GARB will gain FREE entry to the faire whether they are there doing demos, working games or not.

6. SET UP- Games, demos, medieval and mundane tents may be set up on Friday, Mar. 6, 2009, from 8 am to 6 pm. If needed due to the complexity of the set up or time constraints you may set up as early as Tuesday the 3rd with prior notice to STEVEN MELEI

7. SCA MERCHANTS-SCA merchants get a 50% discount off the merchant fee that is not mentioned in the application. Just fill out the application and put your SCA member ID and SCA name on the application and include only ½ the normal fee when you mail it in BY THE DEADLINE OF 2/20/09.

8. SCA OTHER DEMOS- anyone who desires to coordinate other demo s such as artisan, skilled crafting, dance, feast or other ideas please contact STEVEN MELEI to discuss.

9. SCA may utilize free space to promote SCA membership at the faire.

10. Gulf Renaissance Faire will donate to the local SCA regardless of their participation.