[DRA] Fighter Practice on the Edge of the Forest

For those whom other obligations prevent from seeking glory on the battlefield of Double Wars, the Shire of Drei Eichen is pleased to announce it will be hosting a FIGHTER'S PRACTICE ON THE EDGE OF THE FOREST on the weekend of 15 - 17 May 2009, A.S. XLIV.

All and sundry are welcome. There shall be much fighting and merriment around the fire in the evening. There shall be tent space and crash space for all. There shall not be a feast, but an open grill (bring your own barbecue). There will be a massage workshop (free massages! for =96 some). There's a playground in attendance, so children are welcome. The site is wet. We request a site fee of 10 EUR per adult. We ask that reservations be made until the turn of the year (MKA 1 May) to: traumspindel@gmail.com

The site is the Grillh in 53505 Kalenborn, Germany. Questions, requests etc. please also to traumspindel@gmail.com