University of California Offers Free Books Online

UCPress has a selection of books available free online, including some of interest to medieval and renaissance scholars. The University of California has hundreds of books available on their website that may be read or downloaded free of charge. Those interested need only visit the site, choose their subject area, and look for books which have the word "public" listed after their titles. The choices for medieval studies and history include such works as:

  • Chaucer and the Fictions of Gender by Elaine Hansen
  • Coronations: Medieval and Early Modern Monarchic Ritual by Janos Mihaly
  • Knights at Court: Courtliness, Chivalry, and Courtesy from Ottonian Germany to the Italian Renaissance by Aldo Scaglione

Over 1400 books are on the web site, with about 400 of them being available to the public for free. The other titles are available free to students and faculty of the University, and they can be purchased online by others.

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