[DRA] St. Ethelburga's

The shire of Thamesreach, in addition to celebrating the pleasures of love on St. Valentine's day, is also marking its 10th anniversary.

Shire records show that the group received its full status in 1999. We're taking this day to congratulate ourselves on ten years of SCA activity in the ancient royal city of London.

Come to this beautiful 15th century church in the heart of Bishopsgate;

  • to dance with Master Paul and lady Anne of Wokyngham
  • to hear our singers' madrigal voices
  • to see excerpts of Master Shakespeare's romantic works performed
  • to dine at their Celestial Magnificencies' table, served by loving hands of Sir Alaric of Bangor and Mistress Kiriel de Papillion
  • to display works by the skilled hands of our members, or your own

This event was completely full last year, and was a great pleasure to attend. At present almost half the feast spaces are taken, with less than a month to reserve.

If you are planning to attend, please reserve *now* with Lady Constanza: reservations@thamesreach.org

The site is 200m from Liverpool St Station, well connected across South, SE and East England, with links to Stanstead.

Some limited crash space is available in the shire, for those who wish to stay overnight. Perhaps it's a good weekend to visit

  • Museum of London
  • V&A (new display of jewelry of all eras, Bronze age to modern age)
  • National Gallery or National Portrait Gallery

Looking forward to seeing you, regards,

Genevieve la flechiere
seneschal, Thamesreach