Robin Hood's Remains Dug Up in 18th Century?

Author Richard Rutherford-Moore claims that the remains of the famous outlaw, Robin Hood, were dug up in the mid-18th century. According to legend, Robin Hood determined his own burial site by shooting an arrow from his deathbed in the gatehouse of Kirklees Priory. Author Richard Rutherford-Moore doesn't believe the gravesite, marked by a monument, was the actual resting place of the outlaw, but one he calculated by estimating the shooting distance of a period bow might have been. He feels that bones removed from an unmarked grave nearer to the Priory in the 18th century and within range of a 13th century bow may have been Robin's bones. While it may have been a coincidence, Rutherford-Moore doesn't believe so. "You can never totally prove it, but people can make their own conclusions," he says.