[ADR] Duello in Dragoon

This is an invitation to the Known World of Rapier and Historical Fencing enthusiasts, No matter whether you are Adrian Empire, Society for Creative Anachronism, Empire of Chivalry and Steel. No matter if you are a student of George Silver, Capo Ferro or Agrippa. No Matter whether you prefer the thrust, cut or draw.

You are cordially invited to the first ever Duello in Dragoon
March 27th - 29th
Site Opens 4 PM Friday, Closes 2 PM Sunday
Special arrangements can be made for earlier arrival and late departure

Held at the incredibly scenic Triangle T Guest Ranch near Dragoon Arizona. "Duello at Dragoon" is the first event of it's nature to the knowledge of this autocrat, combining contestants from multiple organizations in one event. There will be multiple tournaments held during the event, including Arts and Sciences, "Live Steel" Armored combat, Shinai combat and of course Rapier or Schlauger. There will also be opportunity for games and dance as well as of course court.

The Duello is a continuous rapier/schlauger tournament beginning at 6 PM Friday and ending 1 PM Sunday. The rules are simple, contestants go out as teams of 2. Each contestant is given tokens representing 3 lives, if you win take a token from your opponent if you loose give one up. The other member of your team functions as second and marshal. Thus when two teams meet there are potentially two contestants and two marshals. Multiple tokens from the same opponent are devalued, the first token being worth a full point, the second a half point and the third one quarter point. This is to discourage potential bullying.

There will be an opportunity to secure additional lives by volunteering for various functions. Fighting is limited to approximately 75 acres of boulders, mesquite and open fields. And now the twist, duelling has been determined to be illegal by the Sherriff at the event, who armed with a conditionally approved crossbow and Deputies will attempt to capture and bring duelist to court. Additional rules will be explained on site. The prize will be a Adria/SCA legal rapier helmet valued at more then $200.

Since the event is being sponsored by the Kingdom of Umbria and hosted by Adrian Empires newest branch, the Shire of Eldorado, Rules for the Event are those of Adrian Empire and all attendants are expected to adhere to those rules while attending the event. Individuals who are not members of Adria should familiarize themselves with Adria rules before attending.

Site Fee $5.00 Family Cap $20, Children 11 and under FREE
Make Checks Payable to Kingdom of Umbria
All feast reservations by no later then 13 March 2009,
Pay at the gate or payments received late will be on a space available basis

There are numerous luxuries available on site including Rooms sleeping from 2 to 14 ranging in price from $99 to $299.00 RV Camping with full hook up or spot only $25-30 Tent Camping $20

Breakfast/Lunch Chuck Wagon biscuits and sandwiches on Saturday and Sunday Catered Feast on Saturday ($18 each, reservation paid in advance please) additional meals available from the on site restaurant a la carte. Licensed Tavern on site, no weapons allowed.

Casita rental, and RV space is limited, please make reservations early before March 13th, space is on a as available basis. Merchants are welcome and there is electricity available for merchant booths ($20 merchant fee paid 2 weeks in advance please.)

Anyone wishing to sponsor a tournament and provide a prize for various tournaments please contact the Autocrat

Thank you and SEE YOU THERE!!!!

Autocrat / Host
Viceroy Bjorn inn Gauzki
thorbjorn at elp.rr.com