[MID] Candlemas XXII

Come one, come all to the Shire of Dragonsmark’s magnificent day of fighting, feasting, fantastic wares, and the flourishing forked tongues of those with their eye on your rose!

Northeast Christian Church
990 Starshoot Pkwy.
Lexington, KY 40509

Due to space considerations, we ask that you keep day camps to a minimum and prefer that you only bring chairs and no tables.

Site opens at 9 AM, is Handicap accessible and COMPLETELY DRY, and closes at 8 PM.

Site Fees
At the gate: $8
A $3 non-member surcharge will be applied to both fees if you don't have your membership card at the gate. Please see the staff page for the person to send preregistrations to. The cut off for prereg is January 24th, 2009. If you need to cancel for any reason, you need to do so BEFORE the event, otherwise it becomes a donation to the shire.

The Candlemas Tourney will function as traditionally it has--with a fully dedicated set of Heavy Weapons Lists. The Heavy Weapons Tourney will begin as scheduled with 6 lists for the first round. Then, after the first round eliminations, one list will be allocated to the Rapier fighters, to begin their Tourney. Therefore, Rapier Tourney will begin approximately one hour after Heavy weapons Tourney begins.

The lists will open at 10am with the Tourney starting at 11am.

Learning, refining, and perfecting, oh my! At the moment, we have no classes scheduled, but if you would like to enlighten the masses with your knowledge, please see the staff page to get in contact with out Class Coordinator. As the event comes closer, this page will have a list of the classes being taught, and the schedule page will have the times for them.

Bobbing for Roses
Our annual social game continues! At troll, you should recieve a small silk rose, this is your token for the game. As you progress through the day, you may attempt to talk your way into getting someone elses rose, be a good and chivalrous person in the hopes of gaining the flower, or a dirty theiving rascal (although we can't guarantee you'll be in one piece at the end of the day if you try this method!). Whoever manages to gather the most may find themselves presented with a prize at court...