[DRA] Boot-Camp 2009

The shire of Maedowmarsh is hosting a Boot-camp at the weekend of the 27th of February till 1th of March 2009.

The site opens Friday night 18.00 hours and closes Sunday 16.00 hours.

This is not a medieval event – it is just for fighting, learning and teaching… No garb, no nothing … just fighting!

The site is the sportshall in Düdelsheim so bring Sportsshoes for indoor as well as boots or other steady shoes for outdoor.

We will provide heated crashspace within the building as well as simple meals. Please bring your own feastgear!

Cost will depend on the number of people attending but should not be above 10 Euro.

We suggest for people who don’t own armour to borrow from another fighter who is not able to attend or bring as much of their own stuff as possible (only stuff you have tried before please – we don’t run an armour workshop there).

If you don’t show up with stuff of your own you have to hope for loaner gear which will be given out to the first person ON SITE asking for it.

People without armour may take part in classes provided for them but should bring at least a wooden stick of sword length, some kind of shield and protective gloves.

If the attendance goes beyond a certain number we might have to book another hall so it is extremely necessary for us to know how many people to expect… so PLEASE… if you intend to show up just send me a note with your name, the percentage for the probability of your attendance and if you own armour or not!

Sportshall Düdelsheim
Schulstrasse 12
63654 Büdingen
Tel. 06041/50250

Find your best way to the A45 between Giessen and Hanau. Take the exit Altenstadt/Büdingen. Turn towards Büdingen. Follow that road until you reach Düdelsheim, about 3KM. At the Gas-Station in Düdelsheim turn right into the “Schulstrasse”. Follow that road about 600 meter. Then the Sportshall is on the right. If you see on the right side a school you are about 80mtr too far!

Event Stewart: Baron Aelric of Battle aelric@t-online.de