[ANT] Mid-Winter Shittimwoode Ithra

The University of Ithra provides a place for those interested in Medieval Arts & Sciences to explore and further their learning. Although SCA membership is not necessary to participate, participants at Ithra must make some attempt at pre-17th century costume. Students must agree to obey all rules and regulations as set forth by the Regents and enforced by the Provost, faculty and staff.

An instructor receives Ithra credit for the class the first time it is taught. A Magister's Degree will be awarded to instructors who teach the same class at three sessions. Instructors and Ithra staff also receive a registration fee waiver for the session at which they teach.

All grades are pass/fail, decided by the instructor. Non-attendance is a “No Show”, no credit is given, and all class fees are forfeited. Handouts may be mailed on request, with advance notice; postal fees must be paid by the student. If you need to cancel your registration, do so at least a week in advance to receive a refund. Any appeal to a grade must be made to the Board of Proctors. Notification will be given only to those who attend but fail a class.

No classes may be audited; this is a long-standing policy of Ithra. Class limits are chosen by the instructor; although the size of a class may be expanded in case of need, this is not a routine or acceptable practice. Overfilling a class will only result in less effective teaching and learning.

Class fees are set by the instructor based on estimates for handouts and materials and may include travel costs for the instructor based on actual costs, not mileage. All fees must be paid in advance before class sessions begin.

The Matriculation fee, which covers the cost of the Compendium and maintaining the records of classes the student attains, is $2.00 and is only paid the first time the student registers at an Ithra session. Additional Compendiums may be purchased for $1 each.

The Registration fee, which covers operating costs, is variable from session to session depending on the various costs. For this session, the fee is $7.00 This fee is in addition to the Matriculation Fee. If fees do not accompany the registration form, you will not be registered.

If you register late and the classes are filled, you will receive a refund. Supplies are handled by the instructors.

Chancellor: Elewys Cuylter of Finchingefeld klostheller@verizon.net

Western Washington University - Communications Building Communications Building Bellingham, WA 98225

I-5 north or south to exit 252, "Western Washington University, Samish Way" in Bellingham, WA.

From the North, take exit to top of ramp, turn right. Move into left lane and turn left at 76 Gas Station (Bill McDonald Parkway). Continue from *.

From the south, follow exit to top of ramp, turn left (Samish Way). Follow 1 block to the light and turn left (S. Samish Way). Go over the freeway and turn left at 76 Gas Station (Bill McDonald Parkway). * Follow up and over the hill and take a right on S. College Dr. (8 story building on the corner). Follow halfway down the block. Free parking is on the left (C) and right (12A)--do not park in Resident (R) lots, you will be ticketed & towed. It's a short walk to the site on the paths next to the tennis courts (across from C) or through the tunnel at the NE corner of 12A lot. Communications Building is on the East side of the grassy area, just North of the Rock Rings. For loading/unloading, handicapped parking, and *very expensive* metered parking, follow S. College Dr. to the end of the street. Turn right at the stop sign and follow E. College Way which will curve to the left. Go in the second entrance to the parking lot on left. Unload and move your vehicle quickly--15 minute permits will be given to you to unload--see the Ithra staff inside for these permits. Park in the metered spots there (**You must pay the meters on the weekends**) or move your car to the C or 12A lot after unloading. If you have a handicap permit, please contact the autocrat, Megan Althea, for information PRIOR to the Ithra weekend to make arrangements: amberhouse@nas.com.