Viscount Matheus Bane offered entrance to the Order of Chivalry in An Tir

This past Twelfth Night, Their Royal Majesties, King Vik & Queen Inga offered entrance to the Order of Chivalry to Viscount Matheus Bane.

Upon reflection and in consultation with Their Royal Majesties, Matheus, a member of the Order of the Laurel and a former Kingdom Arts and Sciences Champion, has requested to have the ceremony held at the upcoming Kingdom Arts & Sciences event in the Barony of Wastekeep.

The friends and family of the vigilant would be most honored to have one and all make the journey to witness this event. As additional enticement to the more martially inclined, there is talk of a fight practice taking place.

A period of reflection Friday evening and Saturday night celebration details will be forthcoming, but, for your planning purposes, the location for these activities will be the Clover Island Inn (in Kennewick WA), the designated hotel for the event.

Yours in service,
Sir Olin Ulfredsson