Special events at Estrella XXV

Dame Anita de Challis, SCA Internal Publicity Deputy for Estrella War XXV, would like to remind everyone of a number of special events which will take place at this year's War.


There are many traditional and one-of-a-time tournaments, competitions, and artisan activities held during the Estrella War each year. These “Special Events” are held on specific dates and locations and are in addition to the official medieval activities outlined in the treaty. Here are some of the Special Events taking place at Estrella 2009. A full list is available on the Special Events page of the Estrella website.

  • Hardsuit & Rapier – tournaments on the Battlefields on Wednesday - ALL DAY
  • Archery & Siege – tournaments on Tuesday & Wednesday, Archery field and Battlefield
  • Combat Cookery Competition – Thursday, Period Demo Center, full details online.
  • Queen’s Tea – Thursday 11am, Atenveldt Royal Camp
  • Grand Ball – Friday 7pm, Grand Court Pavilion
  • Youth Challenge Pizza Party - Saturday 5pm, Youth Center
  • Parties galore !!
Organize your volunteer hours around the Special Events you want to attend.

Dame Anita de Challis, OP
(Anita Challis)
SCA Internal Publicity for Estrella War XXV

Estrella War XXV
25 years of Celebrating the Dream
February 9-16 2009