Publisher Recalls How-To Book for Safety Problem

John Wiley and Sons, Inc., has recalled 5400 copies of "Candle and Soap Making for Dummies" because the book's instructions contain a potentially hazardous error. According to the John Wiley and Sons web site (linked above), the book Candle and Soap Making for Dummies contains errors in the instructions for making lye. The instructions advise combining sodium hydroxide and water in the incorrect order. This could result in the solution bubbling over and potentially causing burn injuries to the person handling the vessel.

The recall is voluntary by Wiley, but is done in cooperation with the Consumer Products Safety Commission, a US government agency.

Owners of the book are advised to cease using its instructions immediately and to return all copies to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Editor's Note: Thanks to Grizel for posting a notice about this on the Middlebridge.