[GLE] UACCB Renaissance Days

The Incipient Shire Forest Gardien, in conjunction with UACCB in Batesville, Arkansas (Yes...the BRIDGE place...geesh) Does hereby announce Renaissance Days 2009.

Come join us Friday and Saturday for classes, demos, and lots of fun and entertainment.

More info for a schedule will be posted as it becomes available.

We are calling all teachers! If you are available to demonstrate something or teach a class (or classes!), are willing to perform a reading or music, please contact myself (froggie_910@yahoo.com) or our A and S officer (hobbitsage@yahoo.com) asap so we can get the schedule worked out.

Merchants! Please bring your wares, FREE set up for merchanting! Friday is the biggest day on the campus and will have the most turnout from the students. Saturday is the big defenders tourney and the melees (YESSS.....the BRIDGE!). The only merchant restrictions - since this is on a school ground - no food items, no alcohol, no weapons of any kind may be sold. Sorry if this excludes anyone, but we have to abide by the rules on this one.

Camping will be available, on the main field for period encampments, or across the way for mundane tenting. Campsites will be available beginning Thursday evening around 5 pm with breakdown to be completed no later than noon Sunday.

Above ground contained pits will be allowed for fires and cooking.