[DRA] Coronation Summer 2009

Hereby do we welcome all gentles of the known world to an occasion of festivities and happiness. We welcome all to a coronation that will be remembered and sung about for ages to come. We welcome you all to the summer coronation of 2009 "A Viking Saga".

This Coronation will be a Viking theme coronation as the site is the lovley viking village of Storholmen, Yes! That is correct the site is a reconstructed viking village with all things that comes with such a place. Outside the palisade there will be a tent camp where we will live but all the festivities takes place inside the village among and inside houses. There we will sing, dance and drink in a proper viking fashion for the duration of this most spectacular of events.

General information and questions

When is this event?
it will take place on the 18th-21st of June 2009

Where is this event?
In Holmrike/Nordmark, The site is located approximatley 80 km north of Stockholm in the little community Svanberga that is 10 km north of Norrtälje.

From Stockholm you travel through Norrtälje town. then you drive north on road 76, until you see a "Runestone" on the lefthand side (if you are traveling from Norrtälje). On the right hand side of the road there is a sign where it is written "vikingaby".

Travel tips:
Buses from Stockholm and Uppsala Bus from Stockholm runs often on both weekdays and weekends from
Tekniska Högskolan located in central Stockholm . Take bus 676 from Tekniska högskolan to get to Norrtälje. About 1 hour bus trip. From Uppsala you take bus 809 to Norrtälje. about 1 hour and 20 min bus trip.

Bus from Norrtälje to the Viking village
From Norrtälje to Svanberga you can take bus nr 636, 637 or 641. the bus trip takes about 10 min.

What does it cost?
Site fee: 250 SEK
Brunch: 30 SEK/day
Banquette: 120 SEK (Saturday)
Traditional Swedish Midsummer food (Friday): 40 SEK

All included, Site, 3 brunches, 1 banquette, 1 midsummer food is 500 SEK
Children up to ten years of age go for free
Children 11-15 pays half-price

What is traditional Swedish midsummers dinner?
Midsummer in Sweden and scandinavia is a major festivity, where young and old rejoice. The traditional Swedish midsummer food usually consists of herring in all kinds of flavours, freshpotatoes with dill, strawberry cake, sallads, bread and lots of different tasty cheeses, and not to forget, the grill that is usually a very used tool during midsummer.

How and where do I register?
You register on the registration form on this homepage. Note that all visitors need to register in advance so we better can plan for the food, sleeping space, and so on. After the 31'st of May 2009 there will be a late fee of 100 SEK.

How do I pay?
All resident in Nordmark/Sweden should pay as soon as possible after they have registered for the event. Payment is done on the Holmrike PG Number:424036-2 SKA Holmrike mark the payment Coronation 2009 Foreign guests may pay at the door.

Where do I sleep?
This is a camping event so bring your pavillions and tents. For those who does not have the possibility to bring their own tent we will arrange crashspace in tents. Also there are hotels and Bed and Breakfast places in the nearby town of Norrtälje that is only 10km away for those that want more mundane living.

When does the site open and close?
The event opens 12.00 on thursday the 18th and closes at 15:00 on sunday the 21st.

What does the Viking theme mean, do I have to dress like a Viking? Although we would like everyone to make an effort in making this into a viking theme event, when it comes to clothing, gear, singing etc, it is not forbidden to come as something else. We are in the SCA and will abide by the rule where anyone can join who "wears an attempt at pre-17th century clothing" but of course we would like as many vikings as possible as this is a theme event.

How do I contact the autokrats?

This is where you should send your questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible.