[DRA] Feast of the Tower Hall

The Shire of Harpelstane invite you to spend a day in the life of your persona at a day long feast in the beautiful 15th Century Barley Hall in York.

We will be holding a challenge day:

  • How well do you know your persona?
  • Can you stay in your persona for a whole day?
  • What would your persona do at a feast?

All are welcome, but those who wish to face the challenge will be asked to:

  • present a gift or tribute that your persona would offer to the host of the feast
  • bring a platter of food that your persona would offer to guests (enough for one or two people)
  • provide entertainment for the assembled guests.

Those who wish to enter must also provide documentation for these three challenges and for those aspects of their persona that they consider most important. Entrants must inform the reservation steward by February 6th to allow the judges to prepare. Those who do not wish to enter may also perform one or more of the challenges if they so wish.

During the day the Hall will be open to the public and all are expected to respond to them in persona as much as possible.

Cost: £15 includes crash space at the Hall

Reservations and Event Steward: Lady Rose de Preston (Ericka Smith)

Event Location
Barley Hall

Directions: Barley Hall, 2 Coffee Yard, Off Stonegate, York, YO1 8AR. This is in the centre of York

A map and information about the Barley Hall can be found online.