[ATL] East/Atlantian Interkingdom Practice

Given the much renowned success of our first Interkingdom practice in October, we have been asked often and loudly for a sequel. This time, the practice will be closer to Atlantian borders held on 1/25/09 from Noon to 5pm in the shire of Caer-Adamant, who proudly offered to host the practice at their indoor practice site (which just happens to have an adjacent bar).

As per the last practice, the focus and emphasis of the event will be on training and practicing individual prowess and single combat skills, since there tends to be a significant number of events focused on melee training and war practice throughout the year.

King Darius, Duke Ronald Wilmot, Duke Timothy of Arindale, Sir Tanaka Raiko, Sir Albrecht Von Halstern, Sir Gabriel of Maccuswell, and a whole bunch of their folks and others are expected to be in attendance at the practice from the East. We've also heard rumors that mercenary friends from Galatia and the Markland Army may very well be in attendance, as may some travelers from Aethelmearc. It looks to be an outstanding opportunity to gain insight into a wide variety of styles, skills, and talents from far and wide just a couple've hours North of us.

We are still looking for folks to join us to show the Easterners the strength of Atlantia, as Atlantian turnout at the last practice was extremely far from ideal, to say the least. If there's any chance you can make it, this a fantastic opportunity to fight some fantastic folks and learn from some of the best. If there's a chance you can make it to fight, or to come have a great time on a fun road trip and help provide some extra passenger seats -- please think about joining us! Last time proved to be a fantastic opportunity to fight a great group of extremely talented fighters with different styles, methods, and skills and to learn and be tutored from some of the very best. And the stories from the dinner afterwards and the rides to and from were truly bard-worthy!

Please contact me at warlord@pontealto.org if you have any plans whatsoever of attending (no matter how spurious), as the host shire is looking to get and maintain a rough head-count.

Ridesharing and caravaning from throughout the Northern Region of Atlantia are being arranged by the Expeditionary Corps through Lady Kat at dreadpiratekat@gmail.com and details can be found at their Yahoo Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BeneficiariusMilitaribus/ -- so please contact her as soon as possible if you want to carpool or caravan to the practice. If there is sufficient demand beforehand, we might be able to arrange a group bus.

The practice will be held at the Smyrna Ambulance Company/American Legion at 107 W. Glenwood Ave in Smyrna, DE.

We look forward to seeing everyone there, and hope everyone will make an effort to join us.

In Service,

Max Von Halstern

Smyrna Ambulance Company/American Legion
107 W. Glenwood Ave.
Smyrna, DE 19977

From the south take I-95 to Rt 1 south. Take exit 119a to Smyrna. Turn right on Glenwood Ave

From the north take I-95 south across the Delaware memorial Bridge, then take Rt-1 south to exit 119a to Smyrna. Turn right on Glenwood Ave.