Vivat for Sir Vitus Polonius, first native East German knight of Drachenwald

This past 12th night Coronation, Baron Vitus Polonius was elevated to the Order of Chivalry of Drachenwald.

While many knights have called the Central region of Drachenwald their home, now and in the past, Sir Vitus Polonius is the first knight born and raised in East Germany to be elevated to the Order.

His own knight, Sir Matthew Blackleaf, was his escort and sponsor, and spoke on behalf of the order of chivalry and spoke of his introduction to Vitus, who had grilled him with questions of chivalry and started their dialogue and eventually their connection as knight and squire. Matthew was pleased to call him his peer.

Mistress Anya Mstyslavyaya spoke for his enthusiasm for the arts and willingness to try new skills, and agreed that he was her peer. (Vitus regularly sews his own clothing and also clothes his three children.)

Master George Fitzhume, Vitus' squire brother, spoke for the Order of the Pelican. Of Sir Matthew's three squires, two are now companions of the Pelican, predominantly for service on the fighting field, and they joked in the household that this put pressure on Vitus to conform. But this was no great hardship, as service came easily to Vitus, and pulling his weight was a part of his nature. George was pleased to call him his peer.

Contessa Eufemia Serafina di Bergamo spoke for the ladies of the Rose and agreed that Vitus was a man of courtesy and grace, and named him her peer.

Meisterin Eleanora von Ratzeburg, his friend and consort in seven years of Crown tourneys, girded him with a white belt. The belt had first belonged to to Sir Gilliam, and had been then given to Sir Brendan. HE Brendan, though not in attendance, now passed it on to Vitus. It's a fitting gift from two Nordmark knights, as Vitus lived and trained in Nordmark for the better part of two years.

HG Sir Sven Gunnarsson, also of Nordmark, provided him with short spurs made by his Grace's own hands, suitable for a 13th c Polish knight.

As only a knight can make a knight, Sir Cadogan map Cado stood with his Majesty Thorvaldr and put a hand to Thorvaldr's shoulder, so that Thorvaldr could take the sword of state and dub Vitus, and deliver the buffet.

Vitus then received a gold chain from HG Sir Matthew, which Matthew had received in turn from another duke. As a 'ducal' chain, thus, he spoke of a hopeful future for Vitus on the Crown list field.

Sir Vitus was warmly welcomed by the native German populace attending and by visiting guests alike, and his elevation was a great pleasure to witness.