[NOR] Archery in Nordskogen

The archers of Nordskogen wish to invite our fellow archers to join us for archery practice on Sunday January 11 (the day after Twelfth Night).

Realizing that many folks have a distance to travel back home on Sunday, we will be starting our practice early at 11:00 am and will go until everyone is done shooting...or 3:00 pm-ish. Practice will take place at Bwana Archery (directions below, and I will have maps available at Twelfth Night on Saturday).

There is a range fee of $6.50 plus tax per shooter; observers are free of charge and welcome. I will also have the Baronial loaner gear available for anyone interested in trying their hand at archery. Please note - youth shooters will need to have an adult present. Please let me know if you have any questions.

I hope you can join us!

Directions to Bwana Archery:
Bwana Archery is located at the intersection of 35E and 694 in Little Canada

3015 Country Drive
Little Canada, MN 55117

Directions to Bwana Archery Range: Take your best route to 35E and Little Canada Road From 35E Northbound, turn left at the top of the exit ramp, then turn right on the frontage road on the west side of 35E. From 35E Southbound, make a U-turn to the right to get from the exit ramp to the frontage road. the range is about 1 mile up the frontage road, look for the large yellow archery sign on your left. Range fee is $6.50 plus tax per shooter, observers are free of charge.