[ATL] A Day of Feasting and Foolishness

To combat the time of penitence and abstinence which is soon upon us, the Barony of Highland Foorde invites one and all to a day of foolishness and frivolity. We plan to feast -ALL DAY- play games, listen to bards tell stories and sing songs, dance, laugh, did I mention eat, and drink. We invite our friends for a last day of gaiety before the Lent begins.

When: Saturday, February 21, 2009
Time : site opens 9:00 am, closes, 9:00 pm (Anyone there past 9 is clean up crew)

Frederick County 4-H Camp and Activity Center
3702 Basford Rd
Frederick, MD 21703

Cost: $16 members: $19 non-members; $ 6.00 children 5-10; children under 5-free

This fee includes the all day feast, which begins at 12:00 noon. Come, choose a table, adorn it with your feast gear and utensils and prepare to be awed by the food and entertained with foolish activities. We invite our guests to wear their most beautiful garb, adorn it with something fun and foolish. Bring your best smiles and your sense of humor; you never know what silly thing will tickle you.

Join the bards for challenges and filks, the dancers for dancing, the gamesters for dice and board games. Challenges of many kinds will be running all day between the courses. Tokens of silliness and foolishness will be given freely to all who enter. Master Eadric the Potter, rvanrens@hotmail.com ,and a host of Northern Atlantia's finest cooks have been given a free hand in providing the best food and drink the Kingdom has to offer and it is all yours for the price of admission.

Hereunto may you find the bardic challenges for Feast and Foolishness:

  1. Duena Livia of Ravenswode has issued a challenge for bardic performances that focus in any way upon medieval women; a broad interpretation applies. Documentation is not required but is always appreciated if submitted.

  2. Lady Swannoc Beag has issued a challenge for a performer(s) to present his/her original composition in any bardic discipline. No filks, please.

  3. Lady Elvira Pedrosa has issued a challenge for children, aged 10 and under, to perform in any bardic discipline.

  4. Lady Gerita della Mare has issued a challenge for the performance of filks.

Pick an idea and be prepared or just join in as you are inspired. Lady Swannoc will be at the site all day, speak to her if you want to perform. Pre-registration to perform is not required.

A Tribute to Our "Trolls"
"Troll Couture"
An Onsite Challenge
Sponsored by Lady Margaret Sayher

This challenge is in honor of our "gatekeepers", and the service they provide us. 6 blank muslin troll dolls are available for reservation, and must be reserved in advance. Individuals or groups may reserve a "troll". If you or your group would like to enter the challenge, and would like to reserve a blank doll, please email your name/names and group you belong to, to: Lady Margaret. First come, first served.

Some materials will be provided (such as scrap fabric, beads, trim, glue, roving) but you are also welcome to bring your own. The trolls can be anything you wish them to be, so long as they are within our time period.

Finished trolls will be auctioned off at Highland River Melees in June for a worthy cause. Thank you.

Direction: Take your best route to U S 15. Hwy 15 is just south of Frederick, Basford Road intersects Hwy 15 between Frederick and Point of Rocks. Turn west onto Basford Rd, the site is about 1 mile up on the left.

Site is discreetly wet (no glass containers), absolutely no pets (assistance dogs only, must have certificate and proof of rabies vaccination per site rules). No smoking in the building or on the grounds. You may only smoke in your vehicle per site rules.

The Highland Foorde web page contains details on the feast, the bardic challenges, the troll challenges, the games and the day's activities. Make reservations right away so you don't miss out on the fun, the food and the foolishness

Mistress Madeleine Bynortheweye