[OUT] 12th Night

To our Friends and Family of the Outlands does the Shire of Plattefordham send Greetings. On January 10, 2009, we will be celebrating 12th Night and we invite you all to share this event with us.

There will be games, classes and lovely opportunities for quiet conversations. Also, the site, St. Stephan's Episcopal Church, has a medieval maze that we can walk.

There will be a donation luncheon and a fine feast.

Take your best route to Casper, which is probably the King's Highway (I-25). Proceed to the Poplar St. exit and turn toward the mountain. Travel up Poplar until you reach Outer Drive. St. Stephan's is the Episcopal Church on the right after crossing Outer Drive.

Smoking is restricted to a specified outdoor area and no pets are permitted.

Site fee is $5 and adult feast fee is $10. Between ages 12 and 5 feast fee is $5 and under the age of 5 children are free. There is a $3 non-member surcharge. Feast is capped at 60. Please make checks out to Shire of Plattefordham, SCA Inc. Reservations can be addressed to Enneleyn von Knopf enneleyn1525@yahoo.com. They may also be sent to the autocrat, THL Mavis Reynebaud of Falcon's Keep Further contact information for the autocrat is thlmavis@bresnan.net.