[CAL] War of the Lilies XXIII

War of the Lilies is an annual event held in the center of the Kingdom of Calontir in June. It has been said that Lilies is so much like a vacation, you may forget it is a war, and it is our hope to continue that tradition.

Each year features a different scenario, and this year's theme is North vs. South. While that may bring to mind images of the Civil War, have no fear the intention is simply to split the forces randomly. Any definition of North or South you care to use will serve for Lilies. Do you live on the north or south side of your town? Is your persona from northern Europe or the Mediterranean? Do you prefer chubby little Puccini angels of the south or the slim depictions in northern European art? Use whatever reason you find most pleasing to pick a side.

We invite you to lounge with us on the shores of Smithville Lake; to sleep late and not have to wake early to rush into armor; to enjoy time with old friends and still have time in your schedule to make new friends; to not partake of any activity you don't feel like doing, or to do as many as you like! We have battles and tournaments, archery, children's activities, hundreds of classes to participate in, hands-on demo tents for pottery, fiber, and other specialties, woods to explore, or just a long relaxing swim in the lake.

Come join the Kingdom of Calontir at scenic Smithville Lake as the forces south of the mundane boundary known as I-70 face off against those of the north.

June 12-21 2009
Kelsey Short Youth Camp, Smithville, MO
Fighting, A&S, Demo’s, Classes, Archery and more FUN than anyone can handle!

Site Fees:
$40 Adult Member
$45 Adult Non-Member
$25 Child Member
$30 Child Non-Member
Youth discount - First three children full price, each additional child 1/2 price

Event Stewards:
Mistress Isolde of Hawksholme

Sir Rufus the Brute

Master Scheduler
Princess Ariel of Glastonbury Tor

Marshal in Charge
Prince Martino Michele Veneri