[CAL] Twelfth Night at Lindisfarne 793

I pray you my friends let us come together and celebrate once more the joyous bounty of our land and the peace and prosperity that we have enjoyed. The time has come to give thanks for our wondrous artisans and the enlightenment of our people,truly we stand on the bring of a new golden age of learning and knowledge.Join with friends old and new as we present a Twelfth Night feast at Lindisfarne. Celebrate with us the dawning of a new golden age of learning and marvel as our artisans work and teach their craft.

Saturday, January 3, 2009
Site Opens/Closes 9am 9pm
Scottish Rite Cathedral, 202 S. 20th St, Omaha, Ne 68102

Take your best route to I-80, take I-80 to I-480 North, take the Douglas / Harney Street Exit. Follow exit road to Douglas Street. Turn right (east) onto Douglas and follow it to 20th street. Turn right (south), site is the right. Parking is available south of site.

Event Fees & Info: (For PreRegistration and On Site)
Adult member $8.00 (plus NMS $3 if non member)
Youth (Age 6 to 18)
$5.00 (Please be aware that those 18 and under are considered minors by Nebraska law, and will need a waiver to attend events in our Barony.)
Children (5 and under) Free
Feast $9.00
Merchant Fee $5.00 per table or space

Fighting: Novice Tourney and Thomas de Chateau Noir Combat Social Club

An Inn for Lunch with proceeds benefiting the Glassworkers Guild Silent Auction and a Saxon Feast for Dinner

Many Arts & Science Displays and Competitions. Our competitions (using Kingdom Criteria) are as follow:

  • Mead Making – Since the Monks in Lindisfarne raised honey, and it is the time to celebrate we are having a mead making contest. The best 2 bottles are being served to TRM with the winners name prominently displayed on the bottles. Plus the winner gets a prize. (Hint: You will be able to make more mead.)

  • Saxon Clothing – Any gender Saxon clothing that would have been worn at the time. We have prizes of period equipment to enable you to continue to sew.

  • Saxon Cooking – Any Saxon or possibly Saxon dish using honey. Let your mind wonder to what could possibly be put together. (Yes, more prizes.)

During the day the upper floor will be set up like a monastery or as close to it as possible and you will be able to try your hand at a few different crafts that would have been available at the time. We currently have the following scheduled: Prayer Beads, Sprang, Spinning wool, Butter Churning, tablet weaving, needle making and possibly warp weighted loom. We will also have a Scriptorium going during the day by one of our own Monks. We would like to see the young ones involved. Some of what we make will go toward Largess. If you have any questions or have an Art or Science you would like to share please contact Lady Thora Sigurdsdottir at camyllia@gmail.com

Any questions regarding merchant space availability or for crash space please contact the Event Steward

Event Steward:
HL Dolan Madoc
email: dolanmadoc@yahoo.com

Feast Steward:
HL Ishmala bint Yuhannah